Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another tragic Death due to being Bullied

Another 11 year old commits suicide after being bullied at school.

Please parents listen to your children and don't take what they say as something that will go away. Today's bullies are not like the bullies of yesterday. The bullies today KILL. Please make your voice heard. Go to the principle, the superintendent, the school-board and the newspapers if you have to. Get the word out, make it known that this is going on, and it is not being taken seriously or being dealt with properly. If they can suspend a 5 year old for giving another 5 year old a hug and claim it is sexual harassment then they can suspend a bully for tormenting and abusing another student.

We need to scream unexceptionable and not lay down and hope it goes away because our children lives are depending on it. Bullies need to be expelled!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The University of Michigan Health System information on Bullying.

The U of M Health System has a lot of good information on the subject of bullies and bullying. A good source for parents and victims.

Topic Contents
Topic Overview
Asked Questions
Characteristics of Children Who Bully
Characteristics of Children Who Are Bullied
How Children Can Discourage Bullying
What Children Should Do If They Are Bullied
How Adults Can Help Stop Bullying
The Role of Schools in Bullying
Other Places To Get Help