Saturday, November 15, 2008

This is what makes being a Supervisor worth it!

Wednesday November 12th was a very interesting day for me. I am a supervisor at a major university and I have a staff of around 15 people. We are required to give a monthly safety meeting which I decided rather than to give the usual 15 minute quick meeting at the start of the shift about the usual topics such as lifting safety, or eye safety. I decided that I would dedicate an hour to talk about Abuse and Bullying, particularly workplace bullying. I wasn’t sure how the subject was going to go over with the staff but I was pleasantly surprised. I went over three questionnaires with them which sparked them thinking. The first one was “am I a Bully”? The second are we mobbing”? And the third was about witnessing someone being bullied. By the end of the shift I had 3 people come to me and thank me, two of the three were the ones I had hoped to reach, so I was very happy when I left at the end of the day. The third person gave me kudos and positive feedback.

Thursday November 13th the following day different employees came to me and said “oh by the way I want you to know that (a certain other employee) came to her after the meeting and apologizes to her for going off on her a couple of months ago. He acknowledged that what he had done was bullying and he was wrong and sincerely sorry. I have to say that made my day for sure.

Friday November 14th two days after the meeting another staff member came to me and said that one of the two that I had hoped to reach came to her and another female co-worker, and apologized to them both. He apologized for the way he has treated them, and for calling them liars in a meeting this past summer. She told me that she and the other women also apologized to him as well. She was on cloud nine when she told me this and thanked thanked me for giving that safety meeting. She told me that it made her feel really good. Later on Friday the other one I had hoped to reach told me she was going to keep the list where she can keep looking at it. She didn’t realize some of those behaviors were abusive but she does now. It just keeps getting better1 The person who gave me kudos the day of the meeting came to me again on Friday and said he wanted to talk to me. He had in his hand a folder which he had put together. It had the handouts from the meeting and he had a suggestion for the next meeting, along with a short essay that he wrote on people respecting each other, and parents needing to hold hug their kids. He read it to me and I was very touched by it. I asked him if he would mind sharing it, and told him about this website, and asked if he would let me post it here. He told me he would but he wanted to revise it first. I will be posting it once I receive it from him. I thought it was good and should be shared.

Well I guess you just never know who you may touch or who you will reach, or if you will reach anyone at all, but this shows what a little information and education can do. To me this is what makes being a supervisor worth it.
~ abusenomore

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